Saturday, September 7, 2013

Product Review- Green Gobbler The Drain Opener *update*

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my own experience.

Green Gobbler TheDrain Opener (PDF with instructions & usage)

Seemed to work well on sink clogs.
Biodegradable, environmentally non-toxic.

Like any powder cleaner, you have to be careful not to stop up your drain when using.
Hard to judge adequate time.

We've had a sink drain that has kept clogging over and over. I tried to do boiling water, and baking soda/vinegar. Neither worked. I'm not the biggest fan of other drain cleaners, so when I was offered a sample of Green Gobbler to try out, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot.

I followed the directions for residential treatments. One thing about the instructions I didn't care for was the fact that they have generalized times on them- it says to leave the treatment in the drain for “several minutes”. I am horrible about non-specific time, and always end up estimating what I *think* they mean. I left the drain alone for about 20 minutes. I also treated the toilet, although on the directions it didn't specify how much product to use in this application. I guessed.

Our sink? Still unclogged, over a week later. I'm not sure what the cause of the clog was, but if I had to guess from previous clogs, it was soap scum build up and hair. There are 3 people in our household with (very) long hair. Even with drain guards the hair seems to make its way in to everything.

The package says to use overnight on stubborn clogs- which is our toilet. It has a very stubborn clog. Unfortunately, I am unable to try out overnight use at this time- the schedules of everyone just don't line up enough to allow more than an hour or so of time in the drain undisturbed. Once the baby is here I will try it overnight. Even though it didn't fix the clog entirely, I did notice a distinct improvement over how it had been, so that's a plus.

I don't know if there is a noticeable smell. I followed the directions and added a small amount of water, and then I walked away for 20 minutes. Especially being pregnant, I am not one to sit there and stare at a drain while the “magic” is being performed. I didn't really notice a smell when I came back to flush the drain with hot water. There was no smell from the toilet.

Overall I am pleased with how it worked. Instructions that are more precise would be nice, as would a measuring device- I know I won't use one of my measuring cups on something like this! I would buy this product.


UPDATE 10/14

Green Gobbler came out with a new version of the product in easy to use "Drain Opening Pacs". LOVE IT. So much easier than trying to measure or guess. They are obviously individually packaged, and it says to use two for toilets.

What I like about the pacs is they have much more detailed instructions- it tells you how to use, for how long, and what methods to use for stubborn clogs. These are all things I mentioned as needing improvement on the other packaging. I also like the fact that they packages are notched, so they are easy to open!

Hopefully the bottle will be updated to reflect the positive changes on the individual packets instructions!

You can order the Green Gobbler Drain Opening Pacs on Amazon.

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