About Us

I always have trouble writing an "About Us" page. It just seems overly, oh I don't know... vain? But "people" say we should have one, so have one we will. Note: I am not saying people with an About Me page are vain. Just saying that ME having one feels like it. I mean, who possibly wants to know more about little ol' me?

I am currently 27, living in the Greater Seattle area with my husband and our dog and kitty. Baby #1 is on the way, due to make an appearance in October of 2013.

Most of the pictures on the blog so far are either at my mothers or at my wonderful friend Katie's house. Katie writes the occasional post here and is the inspiration for many projects. She is the mother of 2 wonderful boys, and has a great husband. There have been many times that all that has kept me sane was my dear Katie.

 Me (Valarie) 
Katie and Josh
Valarie & Katie

The purpose of this blog is to share ideas, recipes, and general home-y things with everyone. I am still learning as I tread along, and I love to take pictures and post tutorials so that someone else will have an easier go of it.

We are pretty mellow here, but we ask that everyone be respectful in their comments. We put a lot of effort in to the things we do.

Have fun, putter around, and please head over to the "Contact" page if you have questions or suggestions!