Thursday, January 21, 2010

Win a $25 Visa Giftcard!

1st prize- $25 (USD) Visa Giftcard (or paypal)
2nd prize- $10 Joann Fabric & Craft Giftcard

I will also make a $1 donation to the American Red Cross towards their efforts in Haiti for every person that enters the contest, up to $50 (I wish I could do more, unfortunately I cannot). My heart goes out to those who lost their friends and loved ones in this horrible disaster.

How to enter:
Each item listed below is one entry. You can enter as many times as is possible (obviously some you can only do once). Winner(s) will be chosen by on Friday, 29 January. Contest closes at 9 PM PST on the 29th. You must post 1 comment per entry.
1. Follow me on Twitter  @walelia2 or @valamode (or both!)
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11. Post this contest on your blog. You can use the link below in the comment area to do it easily. :)

Post a comment for each entry you've done below this post. You can email ME at import_goddess_85 at yahoo dot com if you have any questions!

Good luck!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Moss Stitch

The hat I just made for my friends daughter used Moss Stitch for the hearts. I am now a huge fan of this stitch pattern, as it is super easy to do and gives beautiful results.

How to do moss stitch:

Cast on an even number of stitches.

Do your first row as follows: Knit 1, purl 1 across row.

For your second row, purl 1, knit 1 across the row.

Continue knitting, knitting your purls and purling your knits.
Keep repeating your rows until your work measures as long as you want it.

If you're binding off, make sure you bind off in pattern (purl the knits and knit the purls!)

NOTE: This is "British Moss Stitch", also known as seed stitch. "American Moss Stitch" is the same general idea, but the pattern is like this:
Row 1: K1 P1 across.
Row 2: K1 P1 across.
Row 3: P1 K1 across.
Row 4: P1 K1 across.
It ends up more spread out.

My new project (Katie)

So I've moved up to intermediate patterns and am working on a great purse/bad pattern from Lion Brand, I love it. So here's a picture of the front panel

Here's also a pic of the hat I made hubby with the lining inside.

And I'm currently working on another hat in Valarie's pattern and almost finished with the scarf.

A couple of finished projects & 1 new one!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

My Stash and a few of my current projects

Some of my yarn... I need to find a new way to store it, it's spilling out everywhere!
The black is for a sweater, the green on the lower right is for a sweater, and everything else is up for potential projects yet to be determined. 

The hat I'm working on for my friends daughter. Writing up the pattern as I go (I'll post it when I'm done). This is my first experience using the moss stitch. It's going very well, I'm done with the hearts now (4 hearts going around the whole hat). Maybe I'll be ambitious and write out the pattern for kids & adults.

The bane of my knitting existence: The never ending scarf. It will look great when it gets blocked up and is actually FINISHED, but I just got so tired of knitting on it. I do a row or two every week or so. I really should just take it off the needles and put it on a stitch holder, but I'm lazy.

I'm also working on another of my cabled hats for a friend from school.

Happy New Year everyone, and happy knitting!