Sunday, August 22, 2010

My newest projects

Hello all! Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, life is insane. The Army likes to keeps the hubs busy and I've been spending lots of time with our Valarie, effectively keeping both of us from posting.

Anyways I figured I'd share some of the recent sewing projects.
My BIG sewing bag!

My sewing kit

and my personal fav; My Skull and Crossbone Dishcloth
-very easy pattern-

Please feel free to ask for the sewing pattern numbers or for the knitting pattern (we would love to see the completed projects)

**I'd also like to give you all a heads up, Valarie and I will be making a 1950's dress and also we will be knitting some snoods (40s-50s knit hair net) soon so keep your eyes peeled!!!

**Also feel free to send us ideas of what you would like to see, we are both always looking for new ideas

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