Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to do the Knit stitch

Start out with a few stitches on your needles. The amount doesn't matter, it's best to just practice a little before you start a big project anyways. A beginner project that doesn't have any real purpose can be called a "swatch".

Now on to knitting. Cast on your desired number of stitches using the method you like or know how. Ten or twenty are good numbers to work with if you're just practicing.

To begin, make sure you hold your loose thread (tail) away to make sure that you don't knit that instead of the working yarn, like so:
You can see the working yarn dangling down the back of my fingers.

Next, set your second needle on the LEFT of the stitch closest to the end of the needle:

Take the needle and stick it through the stitch, from the left to the back.

Now take the working yarn and "grab" it with your needle, pulling it through the stitch.

Take the newly made stitch and slide it off the first needle on to the second needle.

Congratulations, you have made your first knit stitch!

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