Friday, March 12, 2010

Things I want to do this year

I have a ton of new things I want to learn how to do or perfect this year.

1. Canning. I want to learn how to make jams, jellies, and pickle stuff!

2. Perfect my bread making skills. I'll get this sourdough thing down if it kills me! (Post to come, I started my sourdough starter a few days ago!)

3.Cook more. I may bake a lot, but my cooking skills are lacking. I need to start making more recipes that are outside of my comfort zone.

4. Technique perfection. I want to take baking classes. I know I have tons of room for improvement!

5. Learn how to sew and start actually sewing. I can [kinda] sew a straight line. It's going to be a long process.

6. Learn how to quilt. Obviously I can't do this until I complete #5

7. Actually produce things to sell in my etsy shop!

8. Write more knitting patterns.

9. Do at least ONE felting project, just so I can say I've done it.

10. Have a crafting space that is comfortable and organized but that I can convert into a guest room if needed.

There's more, but I'll keep my list short for now. What are your major goals for this year?

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