Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthday Goodies & Christmas Baking part 1

I got a couple of kitchen goodies from friends and family for my birthday!

An egg beater (I've wanted one forever)...

And new measuring cups <3 since I actually don't own any.

I made some cookies today to  try out a recipe to include with my christmas cookies. I'm still trying to decide which sugar cookie recipe I'm going to use and if I'm going to use royal icing on them or not.

Nut Lace Wafers (from The Complete Book Of Baking by Carol Clements) they're AMAZINGLY delicious!

I also made peppermint bark:

More as I bake! I'm also making some amazing ginger cookies, and I have one more recipe to pick out.

OOH, I also got a vintage cookbook- the Farm Journal's Country Cookbook- Revised Edition (1959, 1972) from my grandma. I'm excited to try out recipes! Not the jello molds though, BLECH.

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